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XCEL is an alternative program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts.


The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.


This year round team is more affordable when it comes to tuition, uniform, warm ups, and competition fees. The girls will train less hours than our developmental teams which allows them to do more activities outside of the gym. XCEL gymnasts will compete in 3-5 meets per season (we try to limit traveling to closer meets).


XCEL does not have compulsory levels where all of the girls do the same routines on each event. Instead there are specific requirements for each division (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). The coaches and the athletes are able to put routines together for the gymnasts which plays into each individual's strengths. The coach decides which level is best for each athlete. This is a great program for girls who love gymnastics and want to compete while still enjoying other activities and free time. For more info contact our XCEL Director Ashley Keever 

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