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Safety is our First Priority!

Please familiarize yourself with our parking rules and obey them! The speed limit on Fowler Street is 25mph.

At peak hours please treat the area as you would a school zone and go slower. Below is a visual and list of key rules.

Important Parking Facts:

  1. Our Parking Lot is ONE WAY Please Enter on the Fowler Side and Exit on Georgia 

  2. Please do not drop children off by the front door, this causes traffic to get backed up at entrance. 

  3. DO NOT park in the area directly up in front of the building including where the mailboxes are OR to your right along side building in entrance. 

  4. Do not park in the church parking lot across the street even if it is empty. 

  5. You can use street for parking, be extremely cautious of pedestrians and DO NOT park within 30 feet of any of the stop signs at the Fowler/Georgia Intersection. 

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