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Not sure whether to enroll in gymnastics or tumbling??

If your child is a bit younger, you’ll want to start out with an introductory level gymnastics class. Gymnastics class will familiarize your child with all the forms and equipment used to perform each move. They will learn the basics of each element and practice listening skills and flexibility. As your child gets the hang of gymnastics, they will be able to smoothly transition into tumbling classes.

If your child already has basic gymnastics skills or you’re looking to prepare them for cheerleading tryouts, tumbling classes may be a better fit. Remember, it takes hard work and consistency to master a skill. Start tumbling class well before try out time. 

Elements of Tumbling Will Greatly Benefit Students in:

Cheer, Karate, Skateboarding, Dance, Snowboarding, Diving & Swimming, Track & Pole Vault, Volleyball, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Trampoline and basically every other sport!



What you can expect...

It is essential that tumbling students and their parents understand that our tumbling staff is not here to simply "spot" students or "do the work" for them. Students must be willing to put in the effort with conditioning, flexibility and skill drills. It is essential that students work on their core strength in and out of the gym. This will enable them to eventually master the skills themselves. Through our progressive lesson plans, students condition and train up to each skill. The coach will decide when a student is ready to attempt a skill (with supervision). The coach also decides when a student is ready for the next level.

**Please note that we cannot teach students that are enrolled in other competitive gymnastics or cheer programs in the area. 


Level 1

This introductory class focuses on the most important elements of tumbling: the basics. These basics are the foundation for all tumbling and many other sports. The focus of this class is body shapes (the same that is taught in gymnastics such as arch & hollow), bridges, forward & backward rolls, cartwheels and an introduction to back handsprings. We split the time in this class between Trampoline, Tumble Trak and the Floor Exercise.

Level 2

Once the student has a good back handspring on an incline without a spot, he or she can move to level 2. The goal of this level is to get the student to do a back handspring on the floor, round off back handspring, and connecting back handsprings.

Level 3

Level 3 students must have a round off back handspring, back handspring to be in this class. We work on back tucks, front tucks, standing tuck, and handsprings with tucks. This class continues to perfect the knowledge of body positions and shapes.

Level 4+

A round off back handspring back tuck is required for level 4. Coaches train all of the above as well as continuous back handsprings, back tucks, layouts and twisting skills.

All new students must be evaluated in level 1 and cleared to move to the appropriate level.

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