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Boy’s are selected to be members of the team based on their desire and talent. Most members come from our recreational classes. We place boys in competitive levels based upon where we feel they will grow and have the best gymnastics experience. Being a team member is a very self motivating adventure. We nurture each boy’s desire to become the best gymnast he can be. For more info contact our Boys Team Director Jeff Fausz

Mid-Columbia Gymnastics offers Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. These levels are through USA Gymnastics, the governing body of competitive gymnastics in the country. Team members learn routines on each of the six men’s events. There are different routines for each level. We offer teams to ages 6-18 years. Boys train year round anywhere from 4-8+ hours per week. There is a monthly training tuition for each level and boys are moved up when they are ready. They travel and compete against other teams locally as well as such cities as Spokane, Seattle and Portland. Some of the higher level boys travel to Regional and National meets. The competitive season runs January through March. The rest of the year is spent learning routines, working new skills and building strength and flexibility. Team is a year round commitment from parents and students.


Our Boys Team Philosophy

At MCGA, safety is most important and skills are taught in a progressive format to ensure proper learning. Although this is a team sport, each member is challenged and encouraged to do their personal best at all times.

We believe in using gymnastics to help build a child’s character traits such as respect for ourselves, each other, the facility, punctuality, integrity, perseverance, honesty and much more. Most of all we believe that kids can work hard and still have fun doing it.

USA Gymnastics Boys Events

  • Floor Exercise

  • Pommel Horse

  • Rings

  • Vault

  • Parallel Bars

  • High Bar



Gymnastics is a tremendous sport in it own right, but it also happens to be the best building block for many other sports. In 1996 “Men’s Fitness Magazine declared men’s gymnastics the world’s toughest sport. It ranked first among 40 different sports using seven different evaluation criteria such as the fitness, skills and the brains required for success. A great character building sport.

  • Builds coordination

  • Builds strength—particularly upper-body strength

  • Increases kinesthetic awareness—the ability to know where the body is in relation to space and motion (situation awareness)

  • Increases flexibility—which aides in learning skills and injury prevention

  • Builds self-confidence


Financial Commitment

  • Monthly tuition (& yearly MCGA reg. fee)

  • Coaches traveling fees

  • Meet entry fees

  • Uniform, warm ups & gym bag

  • USA Gymnastics registration fee

  • Parents pay their own traveling costs such as hotel, gas, food, admission fee to meets.

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