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Common Questions 

When is tuition due and how do I pay it?

Tuition is always due by the 5th of the month A late fee of $10 is applied on the 10th. We do require a working debit/credit card on file and that you are set on an automatic payment schedule. If you would like to pay with alternative method, you must do so before your scheduled payment date or your card will be run.


What should my child wear for class?

We do not require special attire for recreational classes. Something comfy/p.e. type clothes are fine like shorts and a t-shirt. No shoes or socks. Please keep in mind that sometimes your child may be upside down so make sure their shirt isn't so loose it will flip over their head. Girls are welcome to wear leos- we sell fun ones in our pro shop! Long hair must be pulled back in a pony and no jewelry please.


No jeans, zippers, snaps, or buttons may be worn as they can get caught on the mats and pose a safety issue. No mid-drifts, sports bras must have a shirt worn over, no extremely short shorts unless they are gymnastics shorts worn over a leo. 


What is the Annual Registration? 


Our Annual Registration Fee goes towards the gym's insurance to allow your child to participate in class and administrative costs. Each family is charged $55 upon enrollment and recharged annually on their anniversary month. It will be drawn with tuition that month. 


What are your session dates?


 Gymnastics, Pre-school Gymnastics, and Tumbling all run year round and your child can start at any time. Your child will automatically be enrolled the next month unless an online withdrawal form is submitted no later than the 20th the month prior to the month you are stopping. 

How does my child advance to the next level?
All classes are progressive so there are certain skills in each level that your child must perform before the instructor can move them to the next level. There are other factors such as behavior in class & willingness to learn. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progression please talk to your child's instructor or contact the department director. 

What do I do if we need to take a break?

Simply fill out a withdrawal form by the 20th the month prior to the month you are discontinuing. This allows time for it to be processed before automatic payments are run. Without proper notice you will be held financially responsible for classes whether attended or not since we reserve a spot. No refunds or pro-ration will be given for late withdrawal. Your registration is good for one year from when you pay it so if you return before it is up you will not need to repay it until your original anniversary month. 


Can parents and siblings watch class? 


We have a great viewing area for parents with designated play areas for siblings. We ask that you please do not talk to your child during class, it is disruptive to your child and other children in class. If there is a situation the instructor needs your help, they will ask. Siblings must be watched at all times. If children are running, yelling, rough housing, or being a disruption to classes or anyone else in the viewing area you will be asked to leave and pick up your child when class is over. 


What if my child is sick?


We appreciate you keeping sick kids home and we offer a make up class when a class is missed for illness. Please do not bring your child if they have any of the following within the past 24 hrs: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, pinkeye, "yucky" cough any contagious disease that you would not want others to expose your child to. This includes rashes, lice, ringworm, open sores, or any other topical infection or parasite. 

If your child is injured at home, school, or anywhere else please hold off on gymnastics until cleared by a doctor. 


What is a make-up?


Make-up classes are offered to missed classes for various reasons, pretty much any missed class that is not during a scheduled close can be made up meaning you can come to a different class. Make-ups must be scheduled in a class that has room, no drop ins please. You have 1 month to complete your make up from the date missed and your child must be enrolled at the time of the make up. 

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