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MCGA Girls PreTeam program focuses on building strength and perfecting form in order to succeed in competitive gymnastics!


Girls may join PreTeam by signing up for one of our tryouts, given a referral by her recreational coach for an evaluation or by personal invitation from the director (Coach Eva).


Once in PreTeam , your gymnast will be challenged physically with longer hours and more structured practices. The girls are expected to be focused, willing to work hard and have a great attitude. We work with them to develop flexibility, strength and skills as well as perseverance, team spirit and good sportsmanship. 


PreTeam is the most common path to our entry level competitive team, however there are a couple of invitation only classes that offer a parallel path.


Options to Competitive Team:


HOT TOTS to PRETEAM to Level 3

PRETEAM to Level 3


If your child is invited to Hot Tots or Pre-team they are already showing potential and how they progress in those classes determine their continued path to our competitive team. 


Once a year we also hold a Level 3 tryout, however we highly recommend attending PreTeam first!


Progression in PreTeam is solely based on the individual gymnasts accomplishments in skills, focus and effort.  It is not unusual to spend more than 1 year in PreTeam. 


Our PreTeam girls do not compete outside our gym, but we do a showcase or in-house competition every year that they get to learn a routine for. The girls usually have a lot of fun with it, and they love showing off their official team leotard! 

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