The gym is a perfect place to hangout with friends and practice skills on a Saturday night!

Must be 11-18 yrs, age restrictions are strictly enforced. Sorry, no younger siblings even if adult is staying. We ask that you pick up promptly at the end of Open Gym which is 10 pm

If you are not a gym member we do need to have a waiver to participate on file. This only needs to be filled out once, please let us know of any changes to contact info. You can fill out the form HERE

Open Gym Attire: Please wear comfortable workout type clothes that do not have any buttons, zippers or snaps.  T-shirt and shorts or athletic type pants is best. Midriffs must be covered and long hair needs to by tied back. 


Safety Rules: Rules are very important to us to keep everyone safe and sound. Please review the rules with your son or daughter. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. 

We do have the right to ask a parent to pick up early if their teen cannot follow safety rules.


 General Rules

Do not jump off of or over anything taller than you.

● No playing football or throwing other items across the floor.

● Fighting, roughhousing, bullying, hitting, inappropriate language or any other behaviors deemed inappropriate by staff will not be tolerated.

● Respect the mats and equipment. Use them only for their intended use.

● Please to do try execute skills that are beyond your current ability.

● The trampoline and other equipment in the preschool area is for children ages 5 and under. Please notice the signs indicating this. ● The staff member on the floor is responsible for watching all participants and keeping them safe. They are not there to instruct and/or spot.

● The staff member will control the music. They will set the radio station. Open gym participants may not hook up their own music to gym speakers or their own speakers and drown out the gym speakers.

● All participants are expected to help clean up at the end of the evening.

● The locker rooms are off limits to the public. Please use the restrooms up front.

● Minors are to stay in the gym until they are picked up. No hanging out outside.


Pit/Tumble Trak    

● Please be aware that the pit is hard to maneuver. Keep that in mind before entering.

● Always remove socks before entering the pit. Objects in pockets may fall out. We are not responsible for lost personal items.

● Always check the pit before entering. Do not enter the pit if it is not clear.

● Enter the pit by Tumble Trak and exit by the single bar at the opposite end.

● Always move out of the way immediately when other people are ready to enter the pit.

● Use safe landing positions, feet, bottom, or back. Never head first, chest, or stomach or in an arched position.

● Do not bury yourself or your friends under the pit cubes.

● Do not make holes in the pit.

● Enter the foam pit by the Tumble Trak only please, do not jump in from all sides.

● One person at a time on the Tumble Trak and foam pit.


Prohibited Equipment  

The vaults, the high bar at the end of the foam pit, and the strap bar to the left of the foam pit are off limits during open gym and usually there will be a stop sign on them to indicate that.

if you are unsure about something, please ask.

Be respectful of the gym staff, equipment, and others in the gym at all times. If you exhibit blatant disregard for the rules you may be asked to leave and possibly not be welcome back. These safety rules are put in place for a reason and must be followed.

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